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Searching Linked Data (Open Semantic Knowledge Graph Search)

Semantic Search and Text Mining on Linked Data

With the Resource Description Framework (RDF) plugin you can use the semantic search engine as enterprise search engine and text mining platform for full text search, thesaurus based semantic search, faceted search and text mining of strings and texts (f.e. labels or literals) in structured data like linked data (LD), your domain knowledge graph, enterprise knowledge graphs or linked open data (LOD) knowledge graphs:

Index linked data from Resource Description Framework (RDF) for full text search

After import and indexing of Resource Description Framework (RDF) graphs you can analyse, search and filter the RDF data (triples) granular by entities (RDF subjects):

Granular filtering & analysis by seperated search result for each knowledge graph entity or subject

For each knowledge graph entity (RDF subject) there is an separated and granular search result with the document content type "knowledge graph" including all its properties (RDF predicates) as facets/fields/columns and all values (RDF objects) as values in such facets/fields/columns.

Full text search, semantic text analysis and interactive filters or faceted search on linked data knowledge graphs

So you can find, filter and explore your linked data knowledge graph entries by full text search, overviews and granular interactive filters (faceted search on linked data) or by more advanced text mining and natural language processing techniques for text mining on linked data knowledge graphs.

Knowledge graph exploration and graph navigation

At the moment you can explore or filter relations only for taxonomies/trees/hierarchies like paths and subpaths.

The first grade of other properties is available as facets (interactive filters) and soon in the preview mode of entities.

A taxonomy/hierarchy for faceted search for other properties than the path is planed. The hierarchy will be defined by the relations in the thesaurus like broader concepts or narrower concepts or in ontologies like subclasses.

Until this has been implemented for SKOS thesaurus relations, RDF subclasses, (grouped) entities and their parent groups or in other cases you can use only the first degree of a graph or only direct properties by faceted search:

So there is no enhanced search interface for graph search for more than one degree by faceted search yet but for the file path.

A more flexible graph search interface is planned for 2018, if there will be enough donations.

Graph visualisation of potential connections between entities within documents (co-occurences of named entities like persons, organizations or concepts)

You can only view and analyze graphs of potential connections because of occuring in same documents (co-occuring named entities like persons, organizations, products, materials or concepts) with the visual analysis view graph:

Until more graph search features are fully integrated, you can export the data and analyze graphs and networks with external tools or export the documents to a triplestore with a SPARQL user interface for more complex graph search queries or analysis by structure based on ontologies.