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Get the virtual machine, bundle or components and modules you want to use as open source software for free and please make a donation for further development:

Open Semantic Search for single desktop computer or notebook users

All in one bundles for easy installation

Open Semantic Desktop Search

Open Semantic Desktop Search is the all in one package for desktop users as virtual machine image configured for search on your own desktop computer or laptop running on Linux, Windows or iOS for Mac.

Virtual machine disk image (Virtual Box):


VM with English keyboard settings (configurable), User interfaces and OCR dictionaries are configurable, text analytics is multilingual.

open-semantic-desktop-search_18.12.23.ova (3 GB)

German (Deutsch)

open-semantic-desktop-search-de_19.03.24.ova (3 GB)

Encrypted Live-System: InvestigateIX

InvestigateIX is an encrypted stand-alone live-system running on an dedicated encrypted external device like an usb key or an external harddisk for end users with sensible data and enhanced privacy needs like investigative journalists without dedicated server, dedicated and/or encrypted desktop computer or dedicated and/or encrypted laptop and for unhosted searching seperated from the normal system environment.

Installer (ISO image for DVD or USB device):
Download InvestigateIX (1 GB)

Open Semantic Search Server for admins, research teams and organizations

All in one packages for easy installation of a search server (clients only need a standard browser)

Open Semantic Search Appliance (VM)

Open Semantic Search Appliance VM is the all in one virtual machine (including Solr server, user interfaces, tools and connectors) for a virtual machine (VM) for collaborative research on a server with an VM Host.

Includes a Linux operating system, a web server and all modules and connectors / further packages.

Virtual machine disk image (Virtual Box):
open-semantic-search-vm_18.12.23.ova (1,7 GB)

Open Semantic Search Server (Package)

Open Semantic Search Server is the all in one package (including Solr server, user interfaces, tools and connectors) for easy full installation on a Debian or Ubuntu based Linux server or within am existing Debian or Ubuntu based Linux virtual machine (VM).

This bundle includes most modules and connectors / further packages. Just install with one command, index something and search.

Debian GNU/Linux 9 (Stretch): open-semantic-search_19.03.25.deb (~300 MB)
Ubuntu Linux (Xenial 16.04 LTS): open-semantic-search_19.03.25.deb (~300 MB)

Unbundled Components

All this main components are included in the Open Semantic Search bundle packages or virtual machines. You need only to download the following packages if you want to use yet existing services or installations (i.e. the existing Solr or the Solr package of your distribution) or if you want run some services on another or dedicated servers or virtual machines.

Search user interface (Solr PHP UI)

User Interface (PHP based) [learn more...]

Debian GNU/Linux: solr-php-ui_18.05.21.deb (2 MB)
Ubuntu Linux: solr-php-ui_18.05.21.deb (2 MB)

Search apps, meta data management web apps & user interfaces

Python based web applications and user interfaces for metadata & data management and enhanced search tools

Debian GNU/Linux: open-semantic-search-apps_18.05.21.deb (0.16 MB)
Ubuntu Linux: open-semantic-search-apps_18.05.21.deb (0.16 MB)

Connectors & importer, data extraction, data analysis & data enrichment (Open Semantic ETL)

Data integration (extract, transfer, load), document processing and data analysis toolkit and data enrichment framework for data extraction, data analysis and data enrichment. [learn more...]

Preconfigured to use Solr (default):

Debian GNU/Linux: open-semantic-etl_18.11.23.deb (30 KB)
Ubuntu Linux: open-semantic-etl_18.11.23.deb (30 KB)

Preconfigured to use Elastic Search (you have to use own user interfaces or Kibana for search):

Debian GNU/Linux: open-semantic-etl-elasticsearch_18.11.23.deb (30 KB)
Ubuntu Linux: open-semantic-etl-elasticsearch_18.11.23.deb (30 KB)

Index & search server (Apache Solr)

Index server (preconfigurated Apache Solr, so you have only to install the package and no further configuration needed). [learn more...]

Debian GNU/Linux: solr.deb_18.05.21.deb (140 MB)
Ubuntu Linux: solr.deb_18.05.21.deb (140 MB)

The source code of the used Apache Solr 7.x are available on the Apache project site.

Text extractor (Apache Tika)

File metadata and text extraction service as Tika server daemon.

Debian GNU/Linux: tika-server.deb_18.05.21.deb (50 MB)
Ubuntu Linux: tika-server.deb_18.05.21.deb (50 MB)

The source code of the used Apache Tika Server are available on the Apache project site.

Trigger tools for faster indexing

You don't need to recrawl often to be able to find new or changed content within seconds. Triggers will initiate (re)indexing if there is new content or a new document or a page or file has changed.

Trigger Filemonitoring

Commandline tool for (temporary) file system monitoring (pathname as parameter) [Learn more ...]

Now part of Open Semantic ETL

Trigger Filemonitoring Daemon

Daemon (starts automatically while booting) for file system monitoring [Learn more ...]

Now part of Open Semantic ETL

Trigger Filemonitoring Daemon Remote

Lightweight Daemon for file monitoring on a remote fileserver [Learn more ...]

Debian GNU/Linux: opensemanticsearch-trigger-filemonitoring-daemon-remote_16.05.04_all.deb (2 KB)
Ubuntu Linux: opensemanticsearch-trigger-filemonitoring-daemon-remote_16.05.04_all.deb (2 KB)

Extensions and plugins for other software

Extensions, plugins or settings for other software.

Open Search plugin

Integrates Open Semantic Search as search engine in browsers like Firefox.


Manage metadata like tags and annotations in Drupal CMS.

This preconfigurated Drupal views makes retrieving metadata with Enhancer RDF easy.

Drupal: (2 KB)