Enhancer RDF Drupal

Metadata management like tagging or annotation with Drupal

This module integrates the powerful and generic Drupal CMS for metadata management like tagging or annotation.

Drupal provides flexible custom data structures and easy to use user interfaces to configure them.

So you can use powerful Drupal features like custom fields, flexible data structures like taxonomies for tags or flexible user management, i.e. for tagging, verification, (re)viewing, classifying or (re)ranking large document sets.

Since you can use the flexible user management tools of Drupal, you can use this module for crowdsourcing on the net (i.e. for datajournalism) using only the data of the users you trust or which was moderated or verified.

Installation and configuration

  • Download and extract the module zip file
  • Import our content type meta
  • Import the view edit.view into your drupal views
  • Import the view rdf.view into drupal views
  • Config metadataserver in /etc/solr/solr-enhancer-rdf to the url of your drupal installation


Example for a direct link for editing metadata for opensemanticsearch.org: http://localhost/drupal/edit?uri=http://www.opensemanticsearch.org

There are two ways you dont need to type in such URLs manually:

Configure your Drupal link http://localhost/drupal/edit?uri=[URI] for tagging and annotation in the search user interface config.

Or use a bookmarklet integrated in your Web browser, so you can add or annotate a new URI with one click.

Custom metadata content type and custom form

You can add own custom fields to our metadata content type meta to customize it.

Or you use your own custom metadata content types and custom forms:

Just add a field named "uri" (internal saved as field_uri in drupal) to the (new) content type you want to use for metadata of this URL and change the contenttype from meta to your own in the views edit and rdf.