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Open Semantic ETL: Export results to JSON

This is one of the output plugins for standalone installations of Open Semantic ETL without a full search engine, for example for some data analysis, enrichment or jobs saved to an output file or to a(nother) (maybe light-weight) database.

So if you set config['export'] = 'export_json' so the output of etl-file filename or etl-web url will be exported as JSON.

To write the JSON output to a file, set the argument --outputfile, for example

etl-file --outputfile outputfilename inputfilename


etl-web --outputfile outputfilename uri

API with JSON results

If you use output plugins to write your data to a search index like Solr or Elastic Search, you can read and filter it with their more powerful search APIs:

For example REST-API of Solr for searching or / and getting data in XML or JSON format or use Solr Client APIs to get data with your favorite programming language.