Donations for free software and faster development of your own search engine

Many small donations together enable us to work more time on this Open-Source project making this Free Software better.

Every donation or to be allowed to open source results of paid jobs means additional time working only on this project, since within such donated development time we have not to spend our time on other closed commercial projects for lunch and living costs.

Buy licences

For more sustainability and further development, companies, organizations and universities can officially buy open source licences or official packages with printed documentation to support this free software project. Please [contact via e-mail.

Supporting further development of features for non-profits

Donations additional to some paid licenses, consulting tasks, setups, integrations or module, plugin or connector developments allow us to work on features needed by non-profit organisations like NGOs and journalists for investigative reporting instead of only on other stuff meeting mainly needs of companies.

Your wishes

If not the whole project but a special improvement or feature is important for you:

Please write us in the comment of the donation form which feature(s) you wish to develop or what parts you wish to improve with your donation.

If you have a PayPal account, just send a donation to

You can support us with some money without costs for you:

If you search and buy at Amazon by using this link, we'll get some cents of the price for our project. Your price will be the same like buying directly on Amazon.](